Phonics in the language classroom.

As  stipulated in the Learning Standards, the phonics approach is to be used in teaching English.This approach shows pupils the link between letters (graphemes) and the sounds (phonemes) they represent. This helps them to develop blending and segmenting skills which are important to help them read and spell on their own.

To reinforce this approach, the names of the main characters in the text book begis with the first set of sounds taught -  s , a, t and  p. The main characters are  Adam, Tania, Sara, Pat  and Sani.

Activities such as role-plays, chants, songs, rhymes and games are used to reinforce the learning of language using phonics. Games  for  blending and segmenting sounds are meant to provide practice for pupils to develop reading skills.It is important that teachers follow the sequence of the units which have been developed  based on the phonics approach.