Topics in Year 1 SK textbook.
1.Sounds around us.                                              16.What is in my classroom?
2.All  About  me.                                                  17.Show  me  the  way
3.Let's be friends                                                   18.Let's  eat
4.Listen to me                                                       19.I   wear....
5.May I....                                                             20.My  pet
6.Dilly Duck's Doughnut                                      21.Fun  with  shapes
7.Look at me                                                         22.In  the  garden
8.Stay clean, be happy                                          23.Chad  the  milkman
9.Meet my family                                                 24.Let's  go  shopping
10.How  many                                                      25.How do you get around?
11.My happy days                                                26.The  tiny  thimble
12.When is your birthday?                                   27.So  hairy  and  scary
13.I  see  colours                                                  28.Earth  detective
14.Say it  nicely                                                   29.Happy  holidays
15.My favourite toys                                           30.Goodbye, goodbye


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